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Unlock the Future of Tattoo Removal with BeaMar Academy's Laser Tattoo Removal Training Course

Are you ready to step into the dynamic world of tattoo removal? Unlock your potential, broaden your career prospects, and master the art of laser tattoo removal at BeaMar Academy. Our comprehensive course combines in-depth knowledge with hands-on experience, allowing you to treat real clients within the medical spa setting. Ideal for those aspiring to become Tattoo Removal Technicians, our specialized program is designed to make you an expert in laser tattoo removal treatments.


Industry-Leading Experts

Learn from professionals with 10 to 20 years of hands-on experience in the thriving medical aesthetics industry.


Confident Practice

Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to administer safe and effective tattoo removal treatments.


Explosive Industry Growth

Address the soaring demand for tattoo regret solutions as millions seek laser tattoo removal.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Embrace the latest laser advancements to eliminate unwanted tattoos effectively.


Holistic Learning

From laser physics to aftercare protocols, our course covers a wide spectrum, catering to various educational backgrounds.

Why Choose Our Tattoo Removal Course?


Real-World Exposure

Immerse yourself in our authentic medical spa environment, spending a significant portion of your training understanding the fundamental principles of laser tattoo removal treatments.


Comprehensive Discussions

Delve into advanced topics including Q-switched lasers, tissue interaction, the Fitzpatrick scale, tattoo-skin dynamics, optimal wavelengths, and potential side effects.


Laser Equipment Mastery

Gain proficiency in handling cutting-edge laser equipment, ensuring the utmost safety and precision in every treatment.


Hands-On Practice

Equip yourself with invaluable hands-on experience using the latest QSwitch technology, treating diverse tattoo types, sizes, and colors.

Course Highlights

Curriculum Breakdown

Introduction to Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Physics and Tissue Interaction

Understanding the Fitzpatrick Scale and Tattoo-Skin Dynamics

Q-Switched Lasers and Wavelengths for Tattoo Removal

Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Protocols

Managing Potential Side Effects and Complications

Laser Equipment Operation and Safety

Hands-On Clinical Practice and Client Interaction

Written Materials and Tools

Gain access to essential resources including consent forms, policy documents, and marketing tools to kickstart your journey.

Certificate of Training

Upon successful completion of the course, you'll be awarded a recognized certificate from BeaMar Academy, reinforcing your expertise.

6 Months Support

Benefit from the guidance of our experts through 6 months of Telephone Support or Video Call assistance, ensuring your success continues after completing the program.

What's Included


Clinical Experience

Practice on real clients in an authentic medical spa setting, enhancing your confidence and competence in performing laser tattoo removal treatments.


Wide Range of Techniques

Learn an array of techniques tailored to ensure safe and effective tattoo removal, catering to various client needs.


QSwitch Technology

Experience hands-on training with the most effective QSwitch technology, preparing you to excel in the field.


Diverse Clientele

Gain exposure to a variety of tattoo types, sizes, and colors, providing you with a comprehensive skillset.

Hands-On Training

Why Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal is a rapidly growing aesthetic procedure, driven by the increasing demand for tattoo regret solutions. Clients seek removal for diverse reasons, from youthful regrets to workplace considerations. As a Laser Tattoo Removal Technician, you can not only enjoy personal fulfillment but also substantial financial profits.

Swift Procedures

A single laser tattoo removal treatment takes only about 5 minutes, ensuring efficiency and quick results.

Multiple Sessions

Clients typically require 8 to 12 sessions for optimal results, offering a consistent stream of business.

Cost Range

Sessions can cost between $50 and $200, presenting a significant earning potential for your career.

"BeaMar Academy was my launchpad to incredible skills! The hands-on practice and unwavering support from the staff made all the difference. I'm primed to conquer the beauty world!"

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Elsa D.

"The microblading class was an absolute revelation! The hands-on sessions were invaluable, and the instructors radiated expertise and warmth. Thank you, BeaMar!"

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Doris P. Baller

"BeaMar Academy's guidance was truly priceless. The hands-on practice and continued mentorship ensured my triumph. Thank you for turning my dreams into reality!"

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Mary Allen E.

Join BeaMar Academy's Laser Tattoo Removal Training Course and embark on a journey to mastery. Transform tattoo regrets into triumphs and embark on a career that offers both personal fulfillment and financial success. Secure your spot now and discover the art of tattoo removal at its finest. Your future starts here!

Enroll Today and Unveil a World of Opportunities

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